We specialize in sterile and non-sterile pharmaceutical outsourcing for hospitals, physicians, and patients

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Our Company

Edge Pharmacy Services is a pharmaceutical sterile and non-sterile outsourcing facility offering high quality, accessible and responsive outsourcing solutions for the health care community.

In a highly regulated and rapidly evolving pharmacy environment, we are dedicated to providing turnkey pharmaceutical outsourcing with the highest level of quality control. Our approach ensures that we build a strong relationship with every customer we serve by offering direct validation and assessment of our products and services.

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Why Edge?

  • Close communication – Our approach assures that every customer we serve can have a direct connection to our people and process.
  • Convenience and reliability – We offer outsourcing with the attention to detail required of a cGMP compliant facility.
  • Inventory control – Our highly trained staff and efficient service standards promote leaner inventories on the hospital or clinic side with greater responsiveness to special needs and drug shortages.
  • Compliance and quality control – Our proven process and multi-step quality control assures a high level of compliance with USP795, USP 797, and cGMP guidelines.

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Our Future

The Edge Pharmacy Services team is excited to explore future opportunities in the hospital and outsourced pharmaceutical compounding industry. We look forward to expanding our business to additional health care communities and welcome inquiries from hospitals, pharmacists, and physicians across the United States seeking accessible, high quality, responsive compounding services.