Melissa Bainbridge, PhD

Science Director

As science director, Dr. Melissa Bainbridge leads the basic and applied science team at EDGE Pharmacy Services. A key aspect of her work centers on the development and continual improvement of the comprehensive EDGE HPLC program. Potency and stability testing provides the foundation upon which a successful 503B Outsourcing Facility is built. Previously reserved for traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing, EDGE has brought the realm of full potency and stability testing to the compounding world. Dr. Bainbridge's team is developing breakthrough proprietary techniques, positioning EDGE as one of the leaders in the 503B industry in terms of batch testing, sterility, potency, and chemical stability.

Dr. Bainbridge is an expert in both chemistry and dairy sciences. Her Bachelor's is in animal sciences and PhD in food chemistry with a specific focus on enhancing bioactive fatty acids in bovine milk. With expertise both in the lab and in the field, she brings a unique perspective to the world of outsourced pharmaceuticals. Her past experiences include University teaching, development of in vitro lipid extraction methods, analysis of herd milk samples, and mouse behavioral experiments. As pharmaceutical compounding moves in the direction of full-scale manufacturing, Dr. Bainbridge's work is leading the effort to maintain EDGE's position as best-in-class science innovator.

Selected Publications

M.L. Bainbridge, A.L. Lock, J. Kraft. Lipid-encapsulated echium oil (Echium plantagineum) increases the content of stearidonic acid in plasma lipid fractions and milk fat of dairy cows. J Agric Food Chem. 2015, 63 (19), 4827–4835.

M.L. Bainbridge, L.M. Cersosimo, A-D.G. Wright, J. Kraft. Rumen bacterial communities shift across a lactation in Holstein, Jersey and Holstein × Jersey dairy cows and correlate to rumen function, bacterial fatty acid composition and production parameters. FEMS Microbial Ecology. 2016, 92(5), 1-14.