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Profound Gel is a topical oral anesthetic gel comprised of 4 active ingredients including lidocaine, prilocaine, tetracaine,  and phenylephrine. Edge Pharma offers Profound Gel to dentists and other qualified practitioners in a 30 gram jar without requiring patient names. The raspberry marshmallow flavor is popular due to its effectiveness in masking the inherent bitterness of oral anesthetics. Mint is also available. Our online system makes ordering quick and easy.

  • Lidocaine 10%
  • Prilocaine 10%
  • Tetracaine 4%
  • Phenylephrine 2%

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  • Profound Gel can be ordered in quantities as low as a two jars.
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  • We offer discounts for monthly subscriptions.

Below are brief descriptions of each of the active ingredients used in Edge Pharma Profound Gel:


Lidocaine is a very short acting local anesthetic originally discovered in the 1940s. It is comprised of synthetic aminoethylamide, and is commonly used as a numbing agent, working by inhibiting sodium channel ion flux, thus blocking nerve impulses.


Prilocaine is a short acting topical local anesthetic, chemically designated as an amide, which provides dermal analgesia. Onset time after administration is slightly longer than lidocaine, but duration of action is also longer.


Tetracaine is a longer acting local anesthetic that works by affecting calcium channel function. Tetracaine may take up to 15 minutes before onset of action, but the duration is also longer than either lidocaine or prilocaine (typically 2-3 hours).


Phenylephrine is a phenethylamine primarily used as a decongestant, vasopressor, and vascular constrictor.

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