Aluminum Chloride Topical Solution

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Edge Pharma offers Aluminum Chloride 35% Topical Solution in 30 mL bottles.

Aluminum Chloride Topical Solution
Concentration = 35%
Bottle Volume = 30 mL

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1) Jill Henley and Jerry D. Brewer, “Newer Hemostatic Agents Used in the Practice of Dermatologic Surgery,” Dermatology Research and Practice, vol. 2013, Article ID 279289, 15 pages, 2013.

"Another caustic agent that has a better side-effect profile than others is aluminum chloride. This solution can be applied with a cotton-tipped applicator after shave biopsies and has been shown to be very effective"

"Absorbable gelatin sponges soaked in aluminum chloride have also been shown to provide quick hemostasis after nail punch biopsies when left in the wound for two weeks."


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