Epi-Shugarcaine Injection

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Edge Pharma offers preservative free Epi-Shugarcaine injection in a pre-filled unit dose syringe.

Epi-Shugarcaine Injection
Concentration = Epinephrine 0.025% / Lidocaine 0.75%
Syringe Volume = 0.8 mL

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1) Myers, William G., and Joel K. Shugar. "Optimizing the Intracameral Dilation Regimen for Cataract Surgery: Prospective Randomized Comparison of 2 Solutions." Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery 35.2 (2009): 273-276.

The authors compared the use of epi-Shugarcaine (epinephrine 0.025% / lidocaine 0.75%) and Lundberg and Behndig's intracameral dilation solution (cyclopentolate 0.1% / phenylephrine 1.5% / lidocaine 1%) for cataract surgery intracameral dilation. Although the lidocaine concentration was different between the two case, their results provide data comparing the use of epinephrine versus a combination of cyclopentolate and phenylephrine for dilation.

 "Eighty-four eyes of 42 patients were enrolled in the study. At each time point after instillation, the pupil was statistically significantly larger with epi-S solution than with LB solution."

 "When combined with 1 drop of tropicamide 1% preoperatively, both formulations provided safe and effective intracameral dilation for cataract surgery; however, the epi-S solution was the more efficacious at each step of the procedure."

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