Vancomycin Oral Solution

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Edge Pharmacy Services is proud to be producing oral vancomycin solution for use in hospitals.  It is imperative for all acute care facilities to keep a stock of oral vancomycin on hand.  However, commercially available options are not ideal for use in the hospital setting.  Vancomycin tablets are cost prohibitive. Because of this many institutions turn to compounding sterile vancomycin, which is designed for intravenous administration, for use as an oral solution.  Worse yet are oral vancomycin "compounding kits" that do not have FDA-approval and are produced in a chemical repackaging facility rather than an FDA-Registered manufacturer or 503B facility.

Edge Pharmacy Services is solving this issue by producing a unit dose solution that is truly designed for oral administration.  Our unit dose oral syringes are available in dosages of 125mg, 250mg, and 500mg.  They are cherry flavored to mask the inherent bitterness of antibiotics in order to make it palatable to patients.


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