Mitomycin Bladder Instillation Syringes


Edge Pharmacy Services offers compounded Mitomycin Bladder Instillation Syringes. The standard dosage available from Edge is 40mg/40mL, and is dispensed in a pre-filled unit-dose Luer Lock syringe. This solution solves the USP 800 hazardous compounding challenge many hospitals and clinics now face when trying to administer Mitomycin. Since the product comes ready-to-administer, you do not need to compound a hazardous drug in your facility. Edge specializes in offering hazardous compounding services for organizations, making the transition to USP 800 compliance easier.

Mitomycin Bladder Instillation
Available Dosage = 40 mg
Syringe Volume = 40 mL

 * Custom dosages available upon request.

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